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Twitter!! Twitter!! Twitter!!

My dear friends who have been hearing all about Twitter, but have no clue about what it is all about, let me try to explain to you in simple words, of whats this Twitter.

Let me get straight to the point, without any unwanted, mind-boggling introduction

Twitter is a real-time information network that connects you to the latest information about what you find interesting, as told by Twitter it self.

Wikipedia puts it this way,

an online social networking and microblogging service that enables its users to send and read text-based posts of up to 140 characters, informally known as “tweets.”

And our dear Pete Cashmore @mashable shares it to you as, is just communication in a new shape, but it’s also a platform for listening to the communication of others in new ways.

And what do I say about it is “its a small platform where you share what are you upto that you would like your friends to know about and vice-versa”

I suppose these simple words should explain to you lot about twitter. I used to hear it a lot from friends I know, always asking me what is this Twitter all about. Some of them even joined the site, to check if it was like Facebook or Orkut, but no, so they just left it saying its boring or not for me πŸ™‚

Let me share to you how and what you can do on Twitter.
How to Join?
Go to
On the front home page, you have the registration form, a simple three input one. So this should tell you how simple twitter is.
Fill your full name, email and password.
You will get an activation mail in your mail box, click on it to get your account activated
Get started using Twitter, where it shows some pop-ups for the new users, of how and why to use each feature.

What to do next?
Post a Tweet (Every Post on Twitter is called Tweet)
On the top of the page, you have What’s Happening? space, express yourself in 140 characters.
Click on Tweet, and yes you have posted your first Tweet.

Now next find your friends here, whom you want to follow, to see whats happening about them,
Click on Who to Follow
You will get suggestions, you have an option to follow others based on your interests, or just find your friends.

Start following the one’s you want to, go to home page, to see their tweets, and know what happening at their side.
Now there are so many fake accounts that will bluff you, so how you will know which are the genuine one’s.
All actors and hi5 people have verified their accounts, and their account name will have a tick mark with blue circle, but your friends, you just have to believe that their accounts are not fake, or just ask them their tweet name.

Now you dont know what to tweet about
Twitter has an answer for that too.
At the right side column, there are Trends, see the one’s which interest you, and start posting tweets on them.

Want to tweet, that can be searched with keywords.
While Tweeting, put the hash (#) key before some famous or exciting key words, and you can search.
Example: #India

There are much more things you can do on twitter, but lets just start off with basics for now, before you faint, just knowing everything.
If you have website or blog, and want your tweets there then, you can check some tips I shared earlier: Twitter Widgets for you website/blog/facebook
Mashable has shared a The Twitter Guidebook, which you can explore to know more about Twitter.

You can also follow me @castelinokelvin
Want some more tips, ask me through comments.
Hope to see you twitter πŸ™‚

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