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Unconditional Love

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. 8 Love never fails.

From yesterday I had having these thoughts of, what actually Valentine’s day was all about, what is love, what is unconditional love.

Through the Christian teachings I had got, I learnt, what love was all about, but how practical was it in real life. Was there someone who could truly love someone unconditionally? I know that Jesus Christ loved us unconditionally and gave his life for us on the cross just to save us from sin, but other than me, who would do it.

This small question was bothering me the whole day. So first I thought let check me with St. Valentine. Now it doesn’t mean, I went to meet him, I did some research on what’s this day all about.
With the help of Wikipedia, I was able to get some information about this day. February 14th, is St. Valentine’s feast that is celebrated all across the world. Now, you could also check the information in these links,


But here St. Valentine died as martyr for Christ. Now that was love for God. But what about two individuals? What about those couples who present each other with flowers, gifts, chocolates, teddy bears, cards, and so on, what about them, is there something called unconditional love with them.
Having this thought in my mind, I started my day to day activities in my house, and somehow, something was different today. The feeling was different, the thoughts were different.

Since I had been moved to a new place, new house at Cochin, Kerala, on basis of my work, I was doing some of the house hold chores for the day.

Ever since I was born, I always saw my mom cooking, while my dad doing all the external work, and my brother doing some small chores here and there. And days passed, that I too had to join them in helping out in the house hold chores. Saturday afternoon’s was the day my brother and me used to always hate. It was the day where we had to sweep and mop our house, clean bathrooms, toilets, wash the car, and so on. We used to put loud music, from the tunes of Wilfy, to Mangalorean Baila, to Hindi Dance Numbers and English slow tunes, which all together my mom used to hate, but still she didn’t mind it, as long as we did our jobs properly. Sunday mornings, my dad, my brother and me, when we used to finish some cleaning work outside, just as we were near to finish, my mom used to call us in for some nice treat of delicious dishes or snack or juices. Every National Holiday, government holiday used to end up with something new chore of cleaning. All together I used to always hate doing it, coz I could see all the other kids of my age would enjoy watching nice shows on TV, play video games, go out, we had to clean and only then we would go out.
A good show or a movie was something that no one wants to miss, but my mom who used to cook alone, used to call in between, once a while to get this and that, to help her to cut vegetables or to wash dishes, for which with all the grumbling and in a angry mood, I used to go and do it for the sake of doing it.
My dad had the cleaning fever on Sunday, and the best shows and movies are always on Sunday. But my dad had to call us out, to help him in cleaning.
Years passed, and these activities more of became like a day to day activities that we used to carry on. We grew, brother got a job, he moved out, but things carried on, with me and my mom left on Saturday and Dad and me on Sunday.

Times passed, and I got a job and had to move on, and today I was back here after a small flash back, preparing my breakfast in our newly rented flat, while all my other roommates where still snoring. It was 10:47am to be precise.

Taking all thoughts out of my head, I just saw my house around; it was all in a mess, kitchen all the Masala powders sprinkled on the floor, hall and rooms, full of dirt marks, with stains and dust. Everything looked like a mess. At the same time, my other roommates woke up from a deep slumber, and one by one did a ramp walk towards the kitchen to see if there was any breakfast prepared or not, but to their disappointment, today I had just prepared two bread, cheese and jam sandwiches’ just for me.
Felt like lets clean this place, coz after all we were not here to be pigs, so one by one I had to call out so that we could plan and clean, a whole day passed, majority of which left me cleaning the house by myself, and they cleaning only their room. While I was cooking, I realized, how hard and boring it was to cook alone in the kitchen while you know the other person in the house is having a good time watching a movie or a TV show.

The day just came to an end, where I realized how my mom after hard tiring work at her office used to cook all alone, while we enjoyed watching nice TV shows. I realized how my dad after his job, meetings and all, used to come back home, to join us in cleaning the house. I realized how it was that feeling of our house, our car, made us do things better and more efficiently. The fun of doing things together, made us have more fun, learn new things and bond better. And that’s how where I realized what was this all about.

Now this was truly unconditional love, my mom loved me, even though it didn’t matter if I helped her in the Kitchen or not. My dad loved me, even though he knew I helped him out halfheartedly. My brother loved me, even though we had fights every single day before we slept. I clearly understood that this day was more of to be celebrated with the person who unconditionally loves you. Though it’s quite not possible for me now, but as I write this post, I know that our hearts are together, and I didn’t know which was the more better way to thank my mom and dad and my brother than posting a small post about them on my blog, thanking them for the unconditional love ever.

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WOW..This instance is same in my house..However, I never pondered over it so deeply..Thanks Kelvin, it really feels good to help my parents and my relatives with any kind of chore now. Because one day we would be in a position where others will have a good time lazing around and I working alone, that feeling would definately annoy me.

kelven-the one who wrote this…… u hve lovely thoughts :)>…………… nice wrk…………. realy nice

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