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Upside Down Text

Always wanted to have some fun, while online or posts ur status upside down.

Here’s a widget that actually helps you do it.

Why turn text upside down??

Put it in instant mes sages like MSN, AOL, gTalk
Put upside down text on Twit ter, MySpace, MSN Mes sen ger, Face book, YouTube
Cre ate very strong passwords
Type upside down … just for fun

The text converter, takes boring ol’ letters, and flips them 180 degrees. Whether it be just a word, symbol, or even an essay, it can take what you got, and make it 100x cooler.

So WOW your girlfriend, or annoy your teacher, using the fast, simple, free, and totally awesome.

Have fun and enjoy, But please, do not turn in an upside down essay to your teacher…


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