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HTML5 is here (from quite a long time) and its time you knew how to use it. Dont worry its not a Rocket Science to learn it, if you were able to pass 10th Grade then you surely can be a pro here. Here’s a collection of links that should help you learn HTML5 in the best way possible.

What is HTML5?
If you wondering what is HTML5, then its the 5th version of Hyper-Text Markup Language, the basic coding language that creates a site.

What is new in HTML5?
Its that what you ask, then there’s so much new that’s definitely going to make you glued to your seat as you explore more and more.

List of Tutorials to use it?
1.) W3Schools
As usual, W3Schools as the best simple tutorials for anyone to understand, try it out and learn it in fun manner.

2.)HTML5 Rocks
A collection of tutorials and articles, that teach you the basics, the mediocre and the advance techniques of using HTML5

3.)HTML5 Canvas Tutorials
Explore the beauty of CANVAS tag in the best way possible.

4.) Smashing Magazine
Coding An HTML 5 Layout From Scratch
Road Map To Coding With HTML5: Tutorials and Guidelines
The online magazine portal has real good write up’s on how do you start with the basics of HTML5 as you slowly begin to create your first page in HTML5

5.) HTML5 and CSS3
Now what happens when you mix the best of the two? It creates the best*best, and here’s just a tutorial for the same.

6.) What Creative
The Creative Design Agency has made up a tutorial for all the beginner’s in town, so you might want to explore this one too as you begin.

There quite a many more out there, so feel free if you find a good one to share in the comment section below. Let the revolution in the Web World begin.

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