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Value of the One-Rupee Coin Phone

When was the last time you ever saw one of these in your neighborhood?

Some of them maybe wondering what is this supposed to be.

These are one of those most valuable assets of a time a few years back and when I say its just 5-6 years back from today, when people used to stand in queue to make a call from this phone.

India’s most less expensive mode of Communication now extinct.

It was a real wonder to me, which I realize only when my mobile stopped working, and to just pass on a message to home, that I all is well with me, and my current situation, I went in Coin Phone hunt in my neighborhood in Koramangala, Bangalore. The hunt kept me walking for about 5kms on the main road, where I couldnt even locate one Coin Phone or a STD (Standard Trunk Dialing) Booth even.

This made me think, why has this happened, coz a few years back, there where places with 6-8 coin phones hoisted around one shop, and still people were standing in queue to make their calls. A local/national/mobile call was available for just Re. 1 for 60 seconds. There were youngsters literally hanging onto it for hours speaking to their to-be better half’s.

And now this mobile technology really did bring a revolution. A IT Professional to an Auto Driver, A Coconut Plucker to a Gardner, all posses a Smart-Phone mobiles in this era. Everyone is connected 24*7 wherever they are. Now I dont know if this is good or not, maybe someday I could give a thought on that, but my current thought is on,

What will one do if he/she has one phone, is stuck up in the middle on the night on a deserted road?
What will someone who has to meet his/her friend in a stadium to watch a match, at a mall to hang out, a concert to hang out do if just the battery of his/her cell phone just dries out?
How many of us really remember the number by heart as if we used to once upon a time?

Do think about it, and tell me what do understand from this, if this revolution of being connected always as been a boon to humankind or bane?

Value of Coin Phone

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