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Isnt that a basic search most of us do online? Its a common discussion to know who has downloaded which movie recently, and will they be able to share with umpteen number of friends in the locality, workplace, school, college and you just have a friend in every location.

Now there are one’s who download pirated movies, through torrents or direct links, but there are a few of us who still respect the law of piracy, and either buy the original one, download only if its free or stream online. The worry now is, everything that is put up online is not original, and yes it is pirated.

Movie Wall

Watching a movie or music/dance video on youtube/vimeo uploaded not by the production company, counts as piracy. So if you are trying to Google search a movie video and you get one uploaded by some xx2RockStar user or similar one’s, yes he/she can be accounted to piracy.

Now I wont go deep into the laws of piracy nor sit an accuse as to who is and who is not, but all I intend to do is share the channels, forums, portals where you can get original content, that you could either stream, download and even share.

Lets go to youtube now, you can find all original movies uploaded at Youtube Movies.
Now the verified channels in the English series are,
Paramount Movies
Universal Movies

In Hindi we have,
UTV Motion Pictures

Watch Soaps, Opera’s, Comedy Shows at
Comedy Central, Comedy Central India
Sony Set India
Star Plus
MTV India
NatGeoKids – Paid Channel
Coke Studio @ MTV
Just for Laughs – Gags

List of Technology Channels
Adobe Photoshop

From Websites:
Popcorn Flix
OV Guide
Movie Archive
Indie Movies Online
Tube Plus

Now TV
Love Film (Amazon Rental)
Blink Box
Hulu Movies

Hope you are benefited with these links! If you know of any, please do share in the comments below, and I shall update the post accordingly.

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I don’t have the slightest idea why you didn’t include in this list. As for me it’s the most convenient site for watching. Friendly interface and the opportunity to watch for free and without registration works pretty well for me. And there is also a huge base of movies there

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