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Waves and Memories created @ Imprints 2010

Imprints 2010. By now I am pretty sure u everyone, has come to know what’s Imprints of St. Aloysius College, Mangalore. The publicity department along with others made it known that 90% of the people know what is Imprints and what is Imprints 2010 going to be.
Imprints 2010, is a National Level Science Fest and an Exhibition organized by the science students of St. Aloysius college (autonomous), Mangalore.

Day 1

Since of my project work, I didn’t get any time this year to take part in any committee of the Imprints 2010, I don’t know much of what happened earlier, the preparations, the work, the program drafting, finance, publicity etc.. Though I was pretty much interested, circumstances didn’t allow me to, so I couldn’t help it, but just be an spectator all the way for the event.

I reached college around 9:30am, since had some work at home, the event had already begun by then. The inaugural function was in progress, and the volunteers outside had made chaos, working for all the events. Guests from other college’s were also roaming around aimlessly. The exhibition section was in a full working mode, setting up their projects to be displayed.

All though I didn’t have any work, some of my friends had set up some projects, so thought of having glance there, then moved on to check about the Counter Strike gaming event. Though I don’t play that game much just thought of seeing others play and also at the same time learn a bit. Also then went to check out the Website designing event after lunch, which was also going on really well, and many of their creations were quite unexpected, and beyond our imagination. It was simply superb. The day went with half the time clicking snaps since I dint have any other better job to do.

Evening there was cultural program, where guys from our class, danced, played music, and also sang. The whole music band was great and awesome. After that with some snaps, and chats and laughs I ended my day with a light and happiest heart, that I spent the whole day with ma friends Chatting, Laughing, Joking etc…
Now the Day 2 was also the awaited one, many finals were about to take place on this day. So with extreme expectations I was eagerly waiting for the second day.

Day 2

Since the expectations were very high, I reached college at about 9 itself, to be a part of the grand event. Also today I was supposed to be the in-charge of one of the clue of the treasure hunt. After checking out the gaming section, and debugging event, I was placed at ma clue. The most interesting and spiciest part, spiciest part I mean it was spicy. The contestants had to bite and Eat a chilly. the expressions shown were quite amazing and unique while eating the Chilly, many did it in a shot, but some couldn’t even do the half task or activity.

Then I got a chance to play with ma friends the Counter Strike game, though I didn’t know much to play that, I was good at running and dying, but at the same time, I also took off some pro’s in the game.:). then went to attend a stress interview, and the the last and the final function of Imprints 2010, the valedictory function.

Many college’s bagged many prizes, and also the overall prize was bagged by one of our dearest college. Had some photo shoot outs again, the Day 2 photo shoot out, and then went home, and tried uploading snaps but was unsuccessful. with the making of it for a long time.

The day came to an end, but the memories remained forever. Hoping to meet my friends like this for many more reasons. God Bless 🙂

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