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Weekend @ Fernandes

After a long hectic week of work, all you need is a relaxing and resting Sunday! But hey that’s not always the answer for the stressed-out work week! There are many other solutions to relax, rejuvenate and maybe even relive the good ol’ memories! My solution for the last weekend was a Cousins Day out at Fernandes!

It all started with my first cousin in the Castelino family Shaila Fernandes (now married to my Bavoji Richard Fernandes) inviting the cousins in Bangalore for a weekend family get together at her place! A plan we had started discussing over 6 months, but never got the time and opportunity to bring it to action! But atlast the day, time and the best opportunity all was set in place, when Jeethan, Jason and myself set our feet for a awesome time at SJR Redwoods Cyprus tower!

The weekend was to start with best part of all, Food! Yes you heard that right, Castelino’s are known for having a an extra taste bud, where food is very important part of us! We started joining hands together with Shaila Bai (Yes that what I call her, which she doesnt like :P) and Richie Bavoji for a scrumptious buffet yet to be spread on table! Not that good in exotic dishes, I was kind of lost at first when the initial preparations began, with Shaila Bai preparing for Shashlik and Jason preparing a Desert-Trio (I just gave that name, coz I didnt hear him give any).

Desert Trio
Grill on Fire

Yes my dish was Cheese Cherry Pineapple Kebab :P! I could definitely share that recipe if you want 😛

With experimentation’s and mixed idea’s, the great table was all set in front of us now, which we couldnt imagine, as thought we really did have a wonderful super long buffet ready!


Now I know seeing the above images you guys must have started drooling all over the screen now, and would definitely would like to know the recipe’s! But wait let us finish our lunch there and followed by a super duper desert!

So yes, once done with the lunch we all set for some Sports on the XBox! My first time experience, but really did enjoy it I could say, with amazing games which really did give some exercise while playing it! Not like our old Video Games and Nintendo’! I was amazed with the technology here, with the motion sensor’s capturing every moment of our body! I did end up being a champ in bowling and golf, but played a real sad game in the athletics 😛

So after some games with some nice hot tea and coffee made by Shaila Bai again, we did a small bit for the evening dinner! We had Jason’s new idea’s flowing in, where we had some new Cocktail Sausages served as a starter and as a dish for dinner! Unique and exceptional taste I could say! A nice dinner and some vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce to top it, we had old stories being shared from all! I wouldnt be wrong in saying we definitely relived those awesome moments we had! Sadly since I was the last in the Castelino Family (Pusulo Polo in Konkani), I missed a lot of it, but when they shared it all, I dont think I regretted much coz somewhere really embarrassing and hilarious and good part it was them and not me there 😛 😛

So we kept sharing and sharing, that we did notice Richie Bavoji who was a little lost with all these Castelino stories dozzing off, we called it a night and went to a long siesta!

And now it was day 2, which did start at 10am of course with Jason all on fire to start off with a new dish for breakfast! I guess by now all girls would be trying to find Jason’s contact number, coz hey is he’s the next in line of Castelino’s as the most eligible bachelor, and now you know he’s also a excellent Sous Chef.

Now back to the breakfast, we had a super duper sandwich in making by Jason! In single word I could say it was definitely fattening one! Grilled Bread one slice spread with Mayonnaise, topped with a slice of Cucumber and Tomato, followed by Egg Fry and then a Slice of Amul Cheese! Now that was just the sandwich, we still had grilled potatoes and tomato cubes flavored with black pepper and salt as addons 😉

With a heavy breakfast we definitely had to do some exercise before we even thought of lunch! So it was time for XBox again and we had Craig and Crevan (Richie & Shaila’s son’s) ready for some heavy olympic level games now! Boxing, Skiing, Baseball, Discus Throw, Javelin Throw, Long Jump, Hurdles and it just went on! I never ever felt so tired playing an indoor game, that too a so called video game! It was fun to see when others played, but real pain when I had to play! 😛

So now with a heavy stomach and additional 5kgs added from the day before, we had to have lunch! With much effort and hard-work we did have some lunch which had ammi’s biryani to add to it!

I suppose that was it, even another small piece of biscuit we would have our tummy’s exploding like a nuclear bomb now! So we ended this weekend with an Eucharistic Celebration at Our Lady of Sacred Heart Church! and yes it was time to say good bye to one another as we headed home sweet home, with an amazing weekend together! What would you say, were the activities enough, or could we have done anything better?

Some photo’s will be added as I get them from our new Photographer in town! Yes that is Jason again 🙂

Photo Credits: Jason Castelino

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