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“Can you WhatsApp me that info?”
“Hey lets discuss about this on WhatsApp
“I have shared the photos on our family group on WhatsApp

Are you one like me who at once started wondering when did this new word was added in the dictionary, after the some new additions like “Can you please Google that one?”, “Hey you on FB?” , “I just tweeted that update!”.


I am not a smartphone guy, and didnt venture in it till now, but when I heard my aunts and nephews also mentioning the word, I said yes I have to explore this word. When I write this, I have already done exploring a lot about it, and to matter of fact, I have already got it installed on my PC (You can check it here, WhatsApp on PC/Laptop).

Now let me explain to the one’s still wondering what it is about?
WhatsApp is a alternative to the SMS which works thru the internet so that you dont have to worry about the numbers of messages you send, the SMS packs in market (Heard the telecom service providers are in loss), and it all works with your mobile contact number’s.

WhatsApp Inc. was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum (also the current CEO), both veterans of Yahoo!, and is based in Santa Clara, California.

The term WhatsApp is just in simple Whats Up!

WhatsApp Teaser

Now its to know what are the features.

  • You can install this app on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia and Windows Phone. And now also on PC/Laptop.
  • You can group chat, send photo’s/video’s/voice message’s and share location.
  • You can send infinite number of messages and forwards
  • There are no bothering, popping up ads (They explain Why)

A few con’s with this App, maybe future upgrades

  • You can send messages only to the one’s using this App
  • You can create group with only 50 members (recently upgraded from 20)
  • A group can have one admin, and he/she cannot transfer the admin rights.
  • Everyone can post, so you cant have a only notify hidden contacts group.
  • You cant undo or delete a message sent

I have heard a few crib that it charges them more to be online and send/receive messages while they are on roaming.
Do remember there’s a fix for that one.
If your phone is roaming, additional mobile data charges may apply. Learn how to configure roaming settings for WhatsApp on: Android | iPhone | Nokia | Windows Phone.

You could have a look of a few screenshots as to how it all looks in different platforms.

WhatsApp team has a video to show you how easy and simple Voice Messaging can be. Do have a look

Its said that WhatsApp is free for a Year and will charge you $0.99 USD per year, which has not yet happened, if it does would you pay and continue to use it, or will you just switch to some other free app? Do vote below.

You like the app, share you experiences on the Comment section below.
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Stuck with something, check out their FAQ’s, surely they will help you, or get in touch with them.

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