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Wi-Fi HotSpot on Windows 8

You can share your internet connection from your laptop to all the devices in a range of 20 meters around your laptop. Yes this can be done in a simple 4-step process. You wont need a Wi-Fi router anymore now, unless you want high bandwidth of internet to be access in all your devices.

Now getting straight to the point, let me tell you how we go about this.

Wi-Fi HotSpot on Windows 8

Step 1:
Check Wi-Fi Laptop Support
Open CMD – Command Prompt in Administrator mode.
i.e., go to Search option and type in ‘cmd’, right click on the icon, where in the bottom menu bar you will have an option to select to ‘Open as Administrator’

Check if sharing Compatibility of wifi network for windows 8 is available or not.
Add the below command in the Command Prompt
netsh wlan show drivers

You will find a list of details, check for the statement which says,
Hosted Network Supported: Yes
Dont close the command prompt coz we need it there in the same mode.

Creating the HotSpot
Use the same command prompt and paste this code, by making changes to the ‘NameOfWi-FiHotspot‘ and ‘YourPassword‘ and press Enter
netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=NameOfWi-FiHotspot key=YourPassword

You will get an confirmation message of your HotSpot being created.

Step 3:
Starting the Wi-Fi HotSpot

In the same command prompt window paste the below code and press enter to start the HotSpot you just created.
netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Step 4:
Sharing the Laptop Internet
The Final step, is to share your internet connection of the Laptop.
Go to Search on Windows 8 and search for ‘Network and Sharing’
Click to Open.
Click ‘Change adapter settings‘ on the right top corner menu.
Here you will see your newly created HotSpot Connection along with other connections.
Right click on your HotSpot, which would be named as Local Area connection *21 and Choose properties
Go to to Sharing Tab in the properties, and tick, Allow other network users to connect through this pc internet connection and in the drop down below, select the hotspot connection which is Local Area connection *21 in my case and then hit OK.
Re-dial the connection or else reconnect the internet connection if needed.

Done, you are ready to connect your devices through HotSpot, with the PassWord.

Have fun with Technology.

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